• SW-PC--01 Non woven Perineal cold pad

                      • Quick Details

                        • Type:                          Panty Liner

                        • Material:                     Cotton

                        • Shape:                       Wingless

                        • Feature:                     Breathable

                        • Brand Name:             OEM

                        • Size:                         10*28cm/11*36cm

                        • Weight:                     175g/220g

                        • Package:                   OPP bag

                        • Printing:                     customized

                        Packaging & Delivery

                        Packaging Details:Carton size:31*31*31cm
                        Delivery Detail:15-30days for perineal cold pack

                        Product Description


                        Instant Cold Perineal Pack 1.Cold Compress Perineum 2.Analgesia,relieve swelling 3.Practical use no need refrigeration



                        SAP: 2gram

                        Packaging: 1pcs/ bag, 42pcs/carton

                        Carton size: 31*31*31cm


                        Main raw material:

                        Non woven, PE, Fluff pulp, SAP


                        Instant Cold Perineal Pack 




                        An external layer of non-woven material with adhesive strip, sanitary towel, ice bag (Ammonium-nitrate crystals and purified water)




                        • A combination of a cold pack and a large, super absorbent sanitary towel with strips (2 in 1) for single use only during the postnatal period

                        • The tailor-made cold pack sooths the injured and sensitive perineal area, and provides releasing and pleasant feeling in the postnatal period

                        • Helps the swelling go down

                        • Relieves the symptoms of inflammations that may occur

                        • The cold promotes haemostasis

                        • Promotes faster recovery

                        • Practical use without refrigeration


                        Direction for use:




                        1. Bring product to room temperature before activating


                        2. Hold the fluid pack by left and right sides, break it.


                        3. Keep shaking the pack for 5-10 seconds until the content well blended, then temperatures starts to fall.


                        4.Take off the plastic packing, and then apply the cold pack to the affected area




                        • For external use only

                        • Do not swallow. If swallowed, drink a glass of water and contact physician immediately.

                        • Keep away from fire, open flame, excessive heat or combustible material

                        • Do not puncture the ice bag. If the liquid contacted skin, eyes or an open wound, rinse immediately with plenty of water and contact physician

                        • Do not place the product in the freezer as frostbite may occur

                        • Throw the product away in case you detect any leakage before use

                        • Do not use the product if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any components of the product

                        • Consult your physician before use if you suffer from any kind of sensory disorder, cardiovascular disease, Raynaud’s Syndrome or any type of diabetes

                        • Keep away from children